St. James - Terrazzo Soap Bar Black and Green


Terrazzo Soap

Our new larger size terrazzo soaps are made with a traditional cold-process soap method. We go through a methodical staged process to create the terrazzo effect in small batches. These limited edition terrazzo soaps will add an architectural texture to your bathroom or a unique gift for a friend with good taste.

These bars are suitable for general use, however if you have sensitivity to soap, you may be interested to try our soap-free bars.


Saponified oils (olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil), titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, mica, madder root, Australian pink clay, essential oils, peppermint essential oil.

Our soap is biodegradable, vegan, palm free, and with no pthalates or parabens.

Our cardboard packaging is sourced from suppliers with Forest Stewardship Council certification.

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