Our Shop Tee!

Our shop tee is finally here! 
We have been working on this new design with your help for a few months now. 
This shop tee has been a huge goal for myself, and now success, YAY, Its been realised! 

It started out as an idea, a vision and I was enthusiastic for it to turn into a real design. 
I borrowed my friends Ipad and got to work sketching. After using photographs and my imagination I wanted to capture the fun of our collective, the heritage of the buildings and the iconic CG bench people walk past every day on High street. 

It wouldn't be a Common Ground shop tee without a shop dog in the picture! Hidden in the design is our little nod to all the four legged customers we have come through our shop and their parents of course. 

When it came to the Final design I asked you for your help! Our customers at the shop voted for the layout they liked the most and helped me go forward with confidence!

Getting the tees printed I had to reach out to Project Print co. A small Screen Printing business in Burswood! These guys were able to help me bring this tee to life and were super supportive and easy to work with. 

When they arrived to say I was excited would be an understatement! and to sell one on the same day was an amazing feeling. 

I hope you come down to Fremantle and come and try one on for yourself, we cant wait to say hello!

Be kind 
Monika x