Our Brands Vol.1 - Pure Apparel and Available Offline

So many of our brands in store have wholesome stories to share. 
'd love for you our reader to learn a bit about some of them! Starting with...

Pure Apparel
Apparel is a salty bare-footed, alternative surf / travel inspired clothing Brand. The Team behind Pure Apparel specialise in hand drawn designs which are hand printed in Fremantle WA. 

Born out of Freo 2013, Pure created a way for illustrator and designer Matt Adams to cut free from the 9-5 grind and pursue a vocation which worked around his love for the beach, surf and globe-wandering.

Over the years, as the Pure family has grown alongside keeping a good life/work balance they are dedicated to providing you with unique, one of a kind gear, hand-printed and made from long-lasting, quality, planet friendly materials. 

The Pure Apparel Team have been a core brand in our small collective here in Fremantle, they have always inspired us to go on adventures, live life to its fullest and to stay salty! 


Available Offline 
This Small business is a Western Australia based clothing and accessories label. 

Available Offline believes in a more sustainable future, and that involves the fashion industry, they are working on small and slow processes from the manufacturing, all the way to the point of sales. Every piece is made with love and care.

Using Silks, and other natural fibers such as linens and cotton they work directly with Artisans from remote locations of Peru and support  traditional weaving and crafting techniques. Available Offline designs every piece of their collection in Australia whilst production is overseen in Peru, India and Indonesia using ethical practices.

Having Available Offline in store and watching their brand and family grow it has been an absolute pleasure to support their journey including so many lovely market stalls and exciting online drops. 


Information Paraphrased and copied from about sections of brand official websites.